"New Humans"
International Social Entrepreneurship Movement

Our mission is decentralization and improvement of the global economy through the private initiative of new format entrepreneurs!
— Maksim Sadovnik, Founder of the project
Project Goals and Objectives
Training and promotion of entrepreneurship
Increase economic literacy. Training in entrepreneurial initiative and promotion of entrepreneurship.
Principles of Reasonable Business
Formation and implementation of the principles of reasonable and well-intentioned entrepreneurship in the modern economy.
The subculture of entrepreneurs of the new format
Consolidation of the progressive part of society for the implementation of socio-economic change.
Social elevator
Contribute to the promotion on the social scale of well-intentioned and effective individuals who are ready to develop according to the proposed principles.
The introduction of a new method of remuneration in the global economy
Distribution of generated profits among the participants of economic systems - as a method of fair wages and the recovery of the global economy.
Creating a business incubator
For practical training of future entrepreneurs and launching real business projects.
The modern financial and economic system works in such a way that most of its resources are centralized, and the circulation of these resources does not saturate the simplest participants in the system. In a biological body, such functioning leads to bedsores, tissue death with the threat of the existence of the whole organism.

Our project, through declaring and popularizing the principles of rational entrepreneurship, through practical and theoretical teaching people of these principles and creating new economic hubs that create a decentralized rational financial and economic system, is intended to change this situation.
«Social entrepreneurs» are nonprofit executives who pay increasing attention to market forces without losing sight of their underlying missions, to somehow balance moral imperatives and the profit motives -- and that balancing act is the heart and soul of the movement.
Investing in a project
you receive
Share of ownership of business projects
Get the cryptocurrency of our blockchain project REOSC Ecosystem, in proportion to the investments or donations. The ownership share of REOSC is the ownership share of the capitalization of our business projects and the distribution of part of their profits! (more here ...)
Opportunity to promote
By investing in the project, you will assist in the implementation of our progressive ideas of sensible entrepreneurship: the funds raised will be used to invest in the projects of our business incubator!
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Maksim Sadovnik
project founder
E-mail: sadovnik.maksim@gmail.com