If you share our ideas and you have suggestions of your own, regarding the development of the project, please contact us: sadovnik.maksim@gmail.com

We will be glad to cooperate with experts in the field of finance and economics, accounting, law, translators, information technology, etc.

Also, You can provide financial support to the project and receive REOSC cryptocurrency in return.

Deposit addresses for financial supprt:

Bitcoin (BTC) - 3GYqLGKV1LRVHi5Fbgxc7rhyjL5EWhdcJJ

Ethereum (ETH) - 0xea42b5ba39ba537975beb500af15a6d938a97ee6

Ripple (XRP) - rwynypjEhEaSW4T9MfavV2YPo4YLwdYeui

Lightcoin (LTC) - MDqdQgyYFfD5yvsXz9kHdXKz5KphemsxAw

Contact the project administration after the transaction for instructions: sadovnik.maksim@gmail.com